Tuesday, 2 August 2011

The beach.

Note: This dream has haunted me for sometime.

It is dark. I look out to the ocean which reflects the midnight skies; speckled with the light of the distant stars against dark velvet. I step onto the beach and feel the cool dampness of the sand between my toes. In the distance I see him waiting for me again. This feels real but I know it's a nightmare. He looks over to me and a sense of loss fills me with dread. I walk towards him and he looks frightened.
"I want to come home," he whispers to me, "Why can't I come home?"
These words escape me: "You're dead."
"Why won't you take me home?" He's shaking.
"I want you to come home." I begin to sob, "We miss you."
"I can never come home. I'm sorry for what I did." He turns his face to the darkness and vanishes.