Sunday, 16 May 2010


I dreamt I was wondering through the darkness of York's cobbled streets. It was cold, misty and dark. I eventually came to a back alley that looked familiar; it was my own. I crept to the back gate and let myself into the yard. There were at least 50 cats, of all colours and species, slinking around amongst a mound of rubbish. Ruth my housemate was there.
"Maybe," she said "Maybe, we could take care of them all. I'm sure Ron wouldn't mind."
I agreed. I love cats. I began to help her carry them into our house. I was already thinking about the mound of cat litter and cat food we'd need to get.


  1. I love this. Ron wouldn't mind...

  2. Hahah I know :) Do you like being the star of this dream?! You should be pleased! xx