Saturday, 8 May 2010

Time Travel.

I dreamt I was a time traveler. I had decided to visit my primary school back in 1995. I saw my old friends out in the yard playing with skipping ropes in their summer blue dresses. I couldn't see myself yet. I wondered into the school, into the infants hall. My shoes squeak and slipped on the polished oak floor. I walked back into the corridor where children ran up and down, to the toilets, laughing and pushing each other. I followed the corridor back out into the yard where I saw myself standing and crying with a boy. I looked a little closer. That boy, with his white blonde hair, his tallness and his frustrating determination was my brother. This memory I was watching was one of many; he was taking his place as my older brother and comforting me. I watched my younger self point out to a child (who must have pushed me or taunted me) and my brother glare and frown.
I stood back watching despairingly at this situation realising that I couldn't change anything that would happen in the future.
I woke up crying.

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